Enviropeel Mobile Application Units

Here are a few more of the features and benefits you’ll love about the Enviropeel MA-series mobile application units.

We offer a variety of application equipment for our corrosion prevention system, but one of the ones that we are the most excited about are is the MA-10 mobile applicator.

This is the unit that provides the most mobility, so you can get into those hard-to-reach areas that need protection against corrosion. It’s also a cost-effective applicator, meaning that along with the cost-saving benefits of Enviropeel, you’ll be saving money on the cost of application as well.

While that’s already a lot to like, that’s not all that our mobile application units can offer.


Features and Benefits of MA-Series Mobile Application Units 


Ultra Mobility

Both the MA 10 and MA25 are extremely easy to move around. The MA 10 in particular is light enough to be lifted into the back of a pick up. Both machines can easily be maneuvered on site by a single operator.


120-Volt Power (MA10)

No need for special wiring, generators, or plugs. This corrosion prevention machine will plug right into your standard electrical sockets and be ready to go in just a few minutes. That eliminates a lot of the hassle that a larger, more complex machine might offer; the super mobile MA-10 simply plugs in and is quickly ready to use. Additional unit voltages are available to suit international site conditions.


Efficient Product Delivery

The faster the product is delivered, the sooner your crew can start production again. But you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the application for speed. Our mobile application unit strikes the perfect balance between quality and speed; you’ll get perfectly applied Enviropeel in the least amount of time. And because our material only takes a couple minutes to cool and set, your site can be back up and running in hardly any time at all.


User-Friendly Controls

The best machine is no good to you if no one can figure out how to use it. We spent a lot of time ensuring that our application delivery units were as user friendly as possible, with intuitive controls that help you achieve the results that you need. New users will soon be able to apply Enviropeel to wherever you want, to protect on your assets with minimal fuss.


Large Tank Capacity (MA25)

If the MA10’s 10 kilo/22 lb tank is too small, the large tank capacity on our MA-25 machines brings greater application efficiency. For larger applications a smaller tank can cost you precious production time if you are applying at a faster rate than the tank can melt. The MA25 can keep going all day.


Long Hose

The MA Series can be supplied with hoses between 2 and 19 metres / 7 and 63 feet long. That means you’ll have plenty of room to roam, getting into tight places to ensure that surfaces are totally coated and protected against rust and corrosion. A longer hose means you won’t have to bother with moving the machine as often or trying to cram it into tight spaces to reach the final areas of your work space.


On-Board Air Compressor (MA10)

The inclusion of an on-board air compressor on some models of the MA 10 means that this unit is totally self-contained! You won’t have to rent or purchase additional equipment to get the Enviropeel application that you need. Instead, you’ll simply load this one up, plug it in, and start to spray. This eliminates a lot of the hassle of spraying a corrosion protection formula, as well as making it more cost effective to do so.


Made in the USA

We make our machines in the United States where we can make sure they are made to our exacting standards. We want our customers to receive application units that are made from high-quality materials and exceed their expectations. Doing that in the United States where we can monitor the progress of the development and building of our units helps us achieve the best final results!


Which is the Right Application Unit for Your Jobsite?

Speak with an Enviropeel representatives. They’ll get to know more about your business, what conditions you’ll be applying Enviropeel in, and how much and how often you think you’ll be using the machine. From there, they’ll be able to recommend the application unit that’s most cost-effective for you.

Have any other questions about Enviropeel? We’d love to help! Our website has a lot of the technical information that you might need, but we know that sometimes it’s nice to get your answers from a human being.

Give us a call or reach out via the contact form. A knowledgeable member of our team will get back to you right away with the information that you need!



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