Ivan Hess


Ivan Hess joined Enviropeel in 2010 and has served the company in just about every role. He has personally worked with clients in over 20 countries across every six of the seven continents

Assignments have taken him to more than a dozen countries, including Brazil, South Africa, Republic of the Congo, UAE, Qatar, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Germany, and Mexico. He received technical training from IvyTech.

Zak Estes

Vice President

Zak Estes joined Enviropeel in 2020 and oversees global sales, marketing, accounting, and operations. 

Zak previously led operations for a successful private business and prior to that worked for a tech startup. He graduated from University of Richmond with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA).   

Kyle Chandler

Product Specialist

Kyle Chandler joined Enviropeel in 2020 and specializes in product training, development and order fulfillment. He is quickly becoming an expert in all three product lines – Enviropeel, RubberLoc and Alocit – and is an extremely valuable resource to our customers and distribution partners.

Ann Hurrle

Office, HR and Payroll Specialist

Ann Hurrle joined Enviropeel in 2010 and oversees accounting, HR, and payroll. She has been with the company since the beginning and plays a critical role in internal operations.

Tim Davison


Tim Davison joined the Enviropeel team in 2017, following more than a decade at our sister company A&E Systems. He brings with him extensive industry knowledge, and currently leads Enviropeel’s communications efforts abroad.

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