Searching for Environmentally-Friendly, Sustainable Corrosion Protection Solutions

There is growing evidence that the human impact on the environment is really taking a toll on the world, and individuals, as well as organizations, are asking companies to do their part to reduce that impact.

There has been a bigger push in the last decade for companies to become more environmentally conscious with their operations.

There is growing evidence that the human impact on the environment is really taking a toll on the world, and individuals, as well as organizations, are asking companies to do their part to reduce that impact.

It’s one of the reasons that many industrial sites are searching for more environmentally friendly corrosion protection from Enviropeel. But this move to be more environmentally conscious isn’t just good for the environment, it’s actually good for the bottom line, too.


How Businesses Benefit from Being Environmentally Friendly

  • It can reduce your costs. There is a common misconception that going green has to cost a lot of money. In many cases, it’s the opposite. Many environmentally friendly products cost the same or even less than their more-harmful counterparts. But, the long term impact is usually where you’ll see the most savings. Many green products are more sustainable, meaning they won’t require as many natural resources to create and what they do use, they replace. Additionally, green measures can cut down on a company’s waste and increase the amount of product they can reuse, cutting down on operating costs. That’s not all, though; it can also reduce the expenses associated with worker’s compensation claims as well as fines from organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • It is great for public relations. People want the companies that they work for and support with their business to be environmentally friendly. Showing potential clients and customers that your business is doing everything that you can to help protect the environment through sustainable measures can bring in more business and make the clients that you already have even more loyal. Your customer retention can go up as people are committed to the same environmental causes that your company is passionate about, too. Building good will with the local community in which you operate it a big positive, too; it could even result in tax breaks and other incentives while you work in the area.
  • It makes the workplace safer and healthier. If the products and practices that your company employs on the job site aren’t friendly to the environment, then there is probably a good chance they aren’t that friendly to your workers, either. Many environmentally friendly products help cut down on the number of hazardous and harmful chemicals that are used on the job site, meaning workers benefit from less exposure to those agents as well. That reduces a company’s liability in case of an accident or injury as well as cuts down on expensive worker’s compensation claims. Workers who know they are safe are going to be more productive, too. That means you’ll be able to get more done without worrying about increased labor costs.
  • It could provide tax credits. There are a number of local, state, and federal programs that provide tax credits to businesses who are using environmentally friendly methods on their job sites. These tax credits can equal huge savings to your business. Federal tax credits can be claimed for doing things like using hybrid vehicles on the job site or switching your business to solar power. Tax credits can potentially save your company millions every year, which makes going green suddenly look like a very profitable investment. It could be a big return on the initial costs to do so.
  • It could prevent fines. Of course, not all businesses go green willingly. Some are forced to when federal agencies discover that they are utilizing environmentally unsafe practices. This kind of discovery can lead to huge fines that will directly impact your bottom line, not to mention create a potential public relations firestorm. Avoiding those fines (not to mention the PR crisis) can help your business stay ahead competitively as well as keep your investors happy. 


Is your corrosion protection environmentally friendly? One of the small steps that your business can take in order to go green is so ensure you are using environmentally friendly corrosion protection.


Why Going Green with Corrosion Protection Matters

  • Corrosion protection is used in environments that are often damp. If you use a protecting agent that isn’t safe for the environment, you could be putting toxic substances into the run off.

  • Your corrosion protection should be safe for both the people applying it and the environment around it.

  • Corrosion protection can help prevent corroding metals from releasing toxic substances into the environment, particularly gases. 

  • It reduces the amount of equipment that needs to be replaced on an annual basis, eliminating the need to use more scarce natural resources to do so. 

This is exactly the safety that Enviropeel provides. Our material is recyclable and reusable, meaning there is less waste when you need to strip and replace a part.

All in all, Enviropeel’s product are ones that you can feel good about using no matter what environment you are in. And because our products provide superior protection against all forms of corrosion, you’ll be thrilled with the results. 

We’re doing our part to help keep your business green. If you’d like to learn more about using, environmentally friendly corrosion protection, get in touch with our team today for more information about how to bring our product to your job site.



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