Introducing Enviropeel into manufacturing processes increases equipment uptime, reduces safety hazards due to premature equipment failure, and lowers overhead costs.

Manufacturing facilities have many moving parts, both literally and figuratively. Maintaining the integrity of bearing seals in areas with high-potential for contamination is essential for keeping up with production and minimizing downtime due to equipment failure. 

Although many facilities wash their equipment of dust, debris and chemicals, water finds its way inside bearings, carrying inward the exact particulates intended to be flushed from the system. At the same time, water removes internal bearing lubricants, increasing friction which can lead to a decrease in performance and premature bearing failure.

Enviropeel is uniquely designed to create an impermeable barrier to ingress. During the application process, the substrate is thoroughly cleaned and treated with corrosion-inhibiting oils. 

After a thorough examination, the bearing is coated with Enviropeel, fully encapsulating the bearing using our corrosion-inhibiting sprayable thermoplastic.

Furthermore, Enviropeel is extended onto the spinning shaft while allowing the shaft to rotate freely within the coating itself.


Learn more about corrosion protection and contamination control for bearings.

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