Enviropeel protects equipment so well and saves companies so much time and money that they wish they'd called sooner.

Enviropeel has a reputation for going above and beyond, and nothing exemplifies how more than its use with rotating equipment in extreme environments.

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Enviropeel shows its true potential when used in mining operations where rotating equipment, such as conveyor bearings, are highly susceptible to the effects of ingress, contamination and premature failure and are often under constant care and maintenance.

Enviropeel has proven itself in many parts of the world and under a wide variety of conditions, but perhaps, it is in Australia where the adaptable nature of the system has shown itself most clearly.

The material is sprayed over the housings and seal areas, up to and completely around the shaft. This doubled the effectiveness of the barrier, providing corrosion protection and an additional barrier against contamination ingress, effectively an ‘extended labyrinth’, on to the shaft.

With proven success on stored equipment, the next logical step was to trial the same system in operation. Enviropeel protected pulleys have shown a huge increase in bearing life. Original bearings in this location were lasting an average of 9 months from new to Severity 1 (Severity 1 being the condition monitoring signal level that recommends urgent change out of equipment).

In 2007, 4 years after the first application, no pulleys with coated housings had shown any sign of failure. All of the conveyor bearings that the local Australian distributor had trialed and tested in service so far at both BHPB and Dampier Salt were chosen from particularly severe areas, with high spillage in dirty and salty environments.

Enviropeel provides our customers with the ability to extend component life, avoid expensive double handling, significantly reduce maintenance as well as down-time costs and dramatically reduce the exposure of people to risks associated with working with this type of equipment.

Enviropeel coating of bearing housings has been adopted as standard practice by BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto in Australia for their conveyor systems.



For more information on how Enviropeel aids companies plagued by bearing contamination, head over to our white paper section.

Bearing Protection

With just one application, Enviropeel stops corrosion in the casing and prevents the ingress of contaminants into the bearing. Bearings protected 12 years ago are still in use today despite conditions that routinely caused failures within 9 months on unprotected bearings.

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Bearing corrosion prevention

Conveyor Belt Repair

Unaffected by oil, grease and water, Rubberloc provides uncompromising solutions in the toughest environments. With rapid cure time, easy surface prep and application, Rubberloc allows for normal use of conveyor belt in as little as one hour.

Outstanding adhesion, durability and abrasion resistance dramatically increase conveyor belt service life. RubberLoc can be used on longitudinal cuts, skid board abrasion zones and thru holes.

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