Every year, around the world, more than $20 billion is spent on bolts and fasteners alone and a study for BP in the UK showed costs running between $300,000 and $500,000 for retrospective preservation on each of their North Sea assets.

Reports from the North Sea indicate that many bolts are corroding before an installation has been commissioned, with cadmium plated bolts failing after only a year and PTFE coated bolts failing within weeks.

Enviropeel’s own experience with offshore facilities has shown that it can offer protection to the whole system – bolts, nuts and flanges. Instead of seized nuts and rusting valves, every component is immediately ready for use, flanges free from the tell-tale staining of streaming rust – and from the danger of failure that such corrosion brings.

north sea conocophillipsApplications in the North sea, the Middle East and in South-East Asia have shown that Enviropeel offers cost-effective, long-lasting solutions with a system that is flexible and reliable in use.

Enviropeel offshore units are specially designed for use in Zone 2 areas with either a 10 or 19-meter ATEX certified hose, in order to reach the most inaccessible areas.

For more information on how Enviropeel protects offshore and other assets, check out our white papers.

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