Of the many types of corrosion, Enviropeel is especially formulated to prevent galvanic corrosion by creating a moisture-free encapsulation with slow-release corrosion-inhibiting oils that arrest corrosion at the source. Upon application, Enviropeel E170 shrinks around the substrate, creating a perfect seal to ingress.

Corrosion Prevention

Built-in corrosion-inhibitors, a tough, impermeable barrier coating that prevents the ingress of dust, water and other contaminants into static and rotating systems such as bearings and prevents the deterioration of stored components and equipment. Enviropeel applications have eliminated failure rates in stored assemblies and increased equipment lifetimes by 500% or more.

Contamination Control

First developed to prevent corrosion of stored parts and standby equipment,  Enviropeel is specially designed to provide a totally protective micro-environment within a sprayable, waterproof encapsulating barrier to provide continuous rust prevention through built-in inhibiting oils. Spray application means that the material can be applied to objects of any size, shape or complexity … entire machines or their smallest components.

Mothballing / Parts Storage

Alocit coatings are consistently top of the tables in comparison tests on problem substrates. Tests by the US Navy after coating in bilge areas have shown adhesion beyond the range of their testing equipment and 28.15 is one of only three coatings listed by the US Army Corps of Engineers as meeting its specifications for application on wet surfaces. 

Underwater Coating

Rubberloc is a two-component, rapid cure system that can repair a wide range of wear, impact and tear damage, as these images show. Holes can be filled, tears repaired and edge damage restored – with minimum delay and cost.

Conveyor Belt Repair

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