Bearing Shield by Enviropeel

You already know that there is no better protection for your bearings than Enviropeel. It eliminates corrosion and prevents contamination, extending bearing lifetimes by 500% and more – but mobilizing an application team may not always be cost-effective or practical for small or urgent maintenance requirements.
Enviropeel’s Bearing Shield is a brilliantly simple way to get effective bearing protection on site. No complicated equipment or waiting time, everything you need is in the box, ready to go whenever you need it.
Each bearing shield is made to fit your bearing type and zips open for easy application. Enviropeel offers a range of on-site customizations for different types of installation. The shield have a hard-wearing outer coating with an inner core of Enviropeel to ensure full substrate protection. Each unit has a zipper around the main body and velcro fastenings on the shaft cover to make the installation as easy as possible.

Simple to use...

  • Ensure bearing is free from debris
  • Apply thin film of corrosion inhibiting oil on surface of bearing and shaft prior to installation
  • Fit shield to bearing, using zip and velcro strap to secure in place, ends can be cut and trimmed to suit bearing installation
  • Once in position, the zips and edges are sealed using supplied sealant application kit – ensure zip and edges remain clean
  • Mix sealant components, pouring catalyst into resin and stir vigorously for 60 seconds
  • Apply sealant evenly to zipper surface and to any edges or areas of potential ingress, for example around the velcro strap
  • Allow minimum of 1 hour for sealant to cure before operation

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