‘Gold Rush’ Star Chooses RubberlocTM, Sets Series All-Time Record Haul

Our President, Ivan Hess, traveled to the Yukon to train Parker Schnabel and his crew on using RubberlocTM to keep the 'Sluicifer' running at maximum capacity at his claim outside Dawson City, Canada during Discovery Channel's Gold Rush Season 9.

We’ve talked about Enviropeel sister product RubberlocTM before. It is a great product that can repair torn conveyor belts and operating in as little as an hour. So, perhaps it is not surprising that ‘Gold Rush’ star Parker Schnabel thought that it might help him keep his project on track to process even greater quantities of ore.

In just 14 weeks Parker moved 1.2 million yards of dirt, running his wash plant ‘Sluicifer’ at up to 300 yards an hour, a punishing rate for any piece of equipment. Mr. Hess traveled up to the Yukon to provide training for Parker and his crew at their mine, just outside Dawson city. 

Afterwards he met with the RubberlocTM distributor for Edmonton, Alberta for the annual Dawson City Gold Show where they met with representatives of many of the 125 mine companies at the show, including miners featured in Discovery Channel’s ‘Gold Rush’.



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